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  • Kids Martial Arts Spartanburg

    Awesome gym with even more awesome people. If you're looking to train in jiu-jitsu I cannot recommend this gym enough. Jiu-jitsu is a passion for these guys and they study it and are constantly improving what they teach. Great prices too.

    Tyler Curry
  • Kids Martial Arts Spartanburg

    Whether you're looking to compete in jiu jitsu or just stay in shape while learning something new Top Martial Arts is a great place to train. The instructors are friendly and very knowledgeable and the atmosphere is very family oriented. I'd recommend this place to anyone interested in jiu jitsu!

    Jeremiah Macy
  • Kids Martial Arts Spartanburg

    Good school, solid people! There are a lot of schedule options for you to choose from. Morning, afternoon, and night classes.

    Earl Diones
  • Kids Martial Arts Spartanburg

    Awesome place to grow as a human and a jujitsu fighter. Welcoming and hard-working atmosphere! I recommend and encourage anyone to train here!

    John Richardson
  • Kids Martial Arts Spartanburg

    Been doing jiujitsu for years with these guys. Such a solid team. Hardworking coaches and students in a friendly positive environment.

    Clay Burwell
  • Kids Martial Arts Spartanburg

    Very clean and high quality facility with inspiring teammates who help you develop yourself on and off the mats!

    Lane Moore
  • Kids Martial Arts Spartanburg

    Very welcoming helpful to a person who doesnt know the first thing about bjj! I know because I was this person!!!! Great for beginners or advanced bjj people! Lots of higher belts! Those guys are slowly becoming my second family!!!

    Alec Wooden


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